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Diwali’s Wake

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment
Diwali is a lovely festival. Although popular as “the festival of lights”, it is also marked with cleaning up the house. Every year, people attack nooks and crannies, climb onto lofts and tackle crowded attics. An inventory is taken, and things deemed “unnecessary” are disposed of. After a few days’ effort, the results speak for themselves: the house, full of a year’s worth of junk and dusty corners turns into a sparkling home.Well, Diwali has come and gone. In its wake is the realization that this blog needs its share of cleaning up too. Although I started this blog with a view of writing what’s going on in my life, it soon grew to be dominated by my MBA Applications. However, that chapter is closed now. With this in mind, I intend to do some (cursory) cleaning up here. The first thing on my mind is editing posts to attack labels – there are too many right now! After that I am thinking of hosting the blog outside blogspot, but that’s a decision for some other day.