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The Right Side

When I passed out of college in 2000, one of my foremost goals was to buy a bike of my own. Earning money for the first time, a lot of it was spent in giving gifts to near & dear ones, and of course in enjoying the new-found financial independence. What this meant was that it was well into 2003 before I could keep aside sufficient money for the downpayment on the bike loan (My bike cost me 75k, so the downpayment was huge – at least it seemed so then).

While researching what bike to buy, I had considered the Thunderbird, but I didn’t like the silencer; I then settled on the Machismo. However, right when I decided to actually go to the showroom, Royal Enfield released a new model – the 2004 Elektra. The moment I set my eyes on it, I was hooked. The day I took delivery of my bike, I christened her “Kerrigan” (the first name’s Sarah). The best part is, the gears are on the right side – the classic Enfield design.

All too often, people speak to me of this – why did I choose a bike with gears on the “wrong” side. And I reply – hey, it’s your bike that has gears on the wrong side.

And now, that’s what happens when people speak to me of my age. “Hey, you are on the wrong side of 30 now!!” And I reply “No dude, it’s you who is on the wrong side; come and join us.”

Agreed – we wear 80’s style bootcuts & leather jackets; but hey, on the street who gets looked at in admiration? We are like our Bullets – Asphalt Hot, Retro Cool.

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