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The Unmistakable Beat – Part II

January 21, 2009 Leave a comment
The diagnosis is complete, and the verdict is scary… Kerrigan is damaged, and to a great extent. Apart from what I had expected (pushrods, rockers & piston rings), there is apparently also a damaged Crankshaft Bearing.

Now, ordinarily changing a bearing is not a big deal per-se, but to access the Crankshaft the engine needs to be opened up. And the effect is cascading. Other partially worn out parts will be exposed (which will prudently have to be replaced as well), all the packings will have to be changed. Who knows, the Crankshaft might turn out to be cracked too? Add to this the Piston Ring, Cylinder re-boring, possible replacement of rockers – the list goes on an on.

Optimistic estimates – Rs 15k. Pessimistically speaking – I shudder to think of it.

Anyways, what’s to be done is to be done. However, I have decided to keep this overhaul on hold. It looks like I will be moving to Pune in another couple of months time, and I am sure Kerrigan will take another beating during the shifting.

Once we are Pune, she’ll be admitted to the Company Showroom and will come back rejuvenated. Yes, a couple of month’s worth of running in will be required again, but it will be over just in time to welcome the monsoons.

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The Unmistakable Beat

January 16, 2009 2 comments
A couple of years ago, I had a morning drill everyday:

    Take Kerrigan off her stand and straddle her, hold the decompression switch. Press the kick just till you feel the piston reaching the Top Dead Center, hold the position. Let go of the decompression switch, lift the choke-valve, let go the accelerator, and very gently push the kick all the way down. Then, sweet music – the unmistakable “Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump”.

Over the past four years, we got another two-wheeler, and then a car. In short, I wasn’t riding Kerrigan everyday. With the onset of the last monsoon, she just stood frozen in the parking lot, naked to the elements; but no more.

Today I had some people take her away for an overhaul. They’ve promised to set her right in another 4 days time – there’s a few things wrong with her internals.

I just can’t wait to start the morning drills again.

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