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Struggling (But Happy)

The last couple of weeks have been crazy for me. Till about a month ago, I was working for barely an hour or two everyday. Now, here’s what is in my plate:

  • I’ve to manage an Offshore Project (thankfully only the coordination part)
  • I’m supposed to do the Resource Planning for the Department (117 folks and growing slowly)
  • I’ve to start & grow a new practice within the Department
  • I’ve to Coordinate Invoicing for the Department at every month-end
  • I’ve been selected for the fast-track program for Account Management (10 months of training; about 40-60 hours per month)
  • I’ve to provide Pre-Sales support for any proposals I may be asked to work upon (thankfully this is trivial in quantity so far)

While it looks like it’ll be backbreaking work, being busy like this is something I actually enjoy (and haven’t done in a long time). Looks like I will have to do a drastic makeover of my schedule and self-management.

But yes, I’m happy.

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