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Hectic Weekend

My daughter caught a viral infection last week and had been running a fever. When it got visibly worse on Sunday, we took her to the doctor once again. After a quick checkup, the diagnosis was clear – her chest was congested and her respiration was affected badly – to the extent that it would not get cured by oral medication alone.

She was immediately admitted into the hospital – this was at about 11:45PM on Sunday. Through the next 36 hours or so, she was medicated intravenously, and was also given nebulizer treatment every 2 hours. She’s not even 3 years old, but apart from the initial couple of hours, she took the whole treatment bravely without much of a murmur.

On Tuesday morning, the doctor declared her fit enough to be discharged. Her chest is still congested, but now it’s at a level which can be treated by oral medication.

It’ll take another week or so to clear up (and maybe another week or two for the convalscence), but then she’ll be home with us, and not in a hospital bed hooked to IV drips.

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