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It Grows On You

Last week I had to speak to two people about the new assignments I was proposing (yes, one of them was S). I opened up an instant messaging window, typed “Pls meet me”, and was about to hit the “Enter” key when I stopped.

I was about to do one of those things which I hate about my seniors here – treating employees like “Resources”, and not as “Humans”. Till a month ago, I would have walked over to their desks and spoken to them. If not that, I would have at least called them up to discuss. But I never used to break such news or discuss such important matters on chat – at least not in a brusque manner.

I have been constantly ranting about the culture in this company, and how I need to protect myself from getting infected. Last week I saw the first signs of the infection – thankfully I was able to recognize and avoid it. Right now I am looking for a vaccination. If you know any, please tell me.

P.S. – Post by email is great, no doubt about that. But I realize that I need handy a list of all tags already in use. Need to put that on my to-do list.

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