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Gloomy Monsoon

Another weekend has come and gone. This was a different one, for the monsoons announced their arrival in Mumbai. I am a big fan of the rains – until last year, I would eagerly wait for the dark clouds and the incessant rains. I would yearn for them, even getting myself in the monsoon mood by changing my desktop’s wallpapers every so often.

But this year, the excitement is missing somehow. This summer, I looked forward to the rains as usual, but this time it was different. Like in earlier years, I did not “yearn” for them – I just wanted the rains to cool the weather down.

Over the past few days, it has started raining. The mountains near my house (and office) are becoming green again, and very soon we will have waterfalls too.

Last year, I would have been daydreaming about going trekking and soaking in the rains. Last year, I would have spent the week planning the weekend, researching possible spots and routes with my Honey.

This year, it is different.

The weather is fantastic, but the atmosphere is gloomy.

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