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Thought For The Day

July 27, 2010 Leave a comment

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Self-importance isn’t real. On the contrary, it’s completely subjective, by definition. Never forget that you’re just a man or woman, no more, no less. You bleed and cry, just like everyone else. And what goes up, all too often, comes down in a hurry. The higher the pedestal you set yourself up on, the bigger the fall.”

Originally found here on The Corner Office.


Thought For The Day

July 16, 2010 Leave a comment

“Stop worrying about what you want in the present moment and set your sights on a more significant long-term goal”

– Rick Levine

Long Time No Post

July 11, 2010 1 comment

When was the last time I posted here? I guess it’s been close to a month (or has it been more)? Well, as an excuse, I have actually been busy – pretty, pretty busy. And for a change, a lot of this busy time was spent doing productive work in office.

So what has changed in the last one month?

  • I think there’s a slowly increasing acceptance on the floor that I can solve people’s problems. This was sort of a personal KRA for me, and I am glad that it’s working out.
  • I have moved one level higher in the Org Chart. But then, this has not had impact on what I am doing – I still continue to do (and love doing) the myriad things that I do.
  • My Account Management training is set to close – in fact, today will be the closing day for the folks based out of India. We will have an evaluation session and formal closing ceremony sometime in August, but that’s over a month away.

The big development, however, is on the Account Management front. It seems that there’s an open account management position, and my name has been recommended for it. Right now it’s all hush-hush, for I have not yet formally conveyed my acceptance (or disinterest), but what I gather is that until I do so, the powers that be are not looking at other applicants. All said and done, I think I will accept this opportunity. It’s more challenging than most others because of its very nature, but then I shouldn’t expect payoff without taking on some risk, should I?

So for now, it’s fingers crossed. Hopefully I will have an update later in the week. And hopefully, it’ll be positive.