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Leaving On A Jet Plane

November 1, 2010 2 comments

This week heralds Diwali, time to flush out the old and ring in the new. Time to clean up after whatever you have done in the past, and prepare yourself for the year ahead.

This Diwali, I am in for a sea-change – I will be leaving India and moving to the USA. Fortunately for me, my family will come along too. We are expected to be there for 2-3 years, and I hope it does not go beyond that. While I am excited at this thought, it’s not for the usual reasons (“Phoren!!!!!!”, “Dollar Dreams!!!!!”, et al). My reasons are slightly different:

· My daughter is just 3. Visiting the US for a couple of years won’t harm her schooling too much. And she’ll get to enjoy snowfall too!

· My wife’s elder brother lives in the US. Finally my daughter will get to meet his daughter. Where I come from, “Mamachya gawala javuya” (“let’s go to our maternal uncle’s town”) is a BIG thing. As big as the family get-together on Christmas or Thanksgiving.

· The Grand Canyon, the Rockies, the Smokies, Yellowstone, falls colors in Vermont – you name it and it’s on our list. We love weekend trips and we plan to have as many as my work will permit!

· Barbecues. Oh how I love that! Over here in Mumbai it’s simply not possible. In the US, summer cannot just be complete without mouth watering BBQs along with friends. I already have a long list of recipes lined up (though summer is like half a year away).

· Chicago! Ah, the windy city. We started our married life there and just the thought of that city gets us all nostalgic. We will definitely pay a visit and relive old memories.

· And finally, lest I forget – being in the US will mean that I will be effectively insulated from all the crap I have to go through over here. I completed my handover to the new guy two weeks ago, and already all my headache is his.

The only thing I am worried about is my book. I hope that I will get enough time to complete it. Initially I was looking at a January/February timeframe, but now it looks like I’ll have to extend it by a few months more. But that’s all right. It will be a change of environment for me, and I am sure my output over there will be far better than what it is here.