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A Morning’s tale

I leave the house 5 mins earlier than usual, as the walkways are slippery – it’s snowed over the weekend. At the bus stop, everyone is all wrapped up in their own way, and the wait is silent. Two minutes later, the bus arrives and we all get in. I wave my pass in front of the driver, mumble a “Thank You” in response to his cheerful “Good Morning” and get in.

Two stops ahead, a girl gets in; she’s in high school and takes the bus daily. Today, she has some kind of argument with the driver and throws her hands up in frustration. The gentleman sitting in front of me walks up to her and asks her what the problem is. It turns out that she has forgotten her identity card and therefore the driver is demanding the full fare. She is only carrying enough for her discount fare and will have to get down. The gentleman hands her two dollar bills and says “take this, you shouldn’t miss school.”

Due to this argument, the bus has got a few minutes late, and at the light rail station I run up the stairs – just in time to get in the train. It’s unusually crowded today and there’s no place to sit. I stand at an end, surrounded by college kids. Near the Broadway station, the train leans into a curve and throws me off-balance. I almost bump into an old lady, and apologize to her. “It’s all right,” she says, “everyone’s nice on the light rail.”

As we cross the Alameda station, the downtown skyline comes into view. It’s not as imposing as that of Chicago, but beautiful nonetheless. To the left are the Rocky mountains, covered in a white sheet of snow. As we approach the next station, I can see a lot of yellow engines parked on the tracks. There’s considerable mining activity here in Colorado, and all the minerals are transported to Texas for further refining. Without exception, the engines are covered in colorful Graffiti. Most of it is unintelligible, but pleasing to the eye. There are a few statements and quotes too – “Free Julian Assange”, “He who stands for nothing falls for nothing”, “Those who take freedom of speech for granted-” I miss the rest of this one.

At the station, a group of people gets off and I get a place to sit. As the doors’ beepers go off, I look at my watch. I have an early morning meeting, but I will have enough time to stop at Starbucks for a coffee. With a jerk, the train starts to move, taking each of us closer to our destinations. The locomotive engines keep standing, waiting to show their messages to the next set of people.

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