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“Elementary,” he said

Our daughter’s pre-school here is a far cry from what she had in Mumbai. Back there, she had 3 hours of school 5 days a week, including classwork & homework too. Over here, it’s a tame affair – she attends school just twice a week – and there’s only play in school. No formal “education” as such.

Last month, we were informed that there’s an option of having her stay an extra hour in school and have lunch with her friends too. My wife went to the principal’s office to enroll her in the program, and asked her about any additional fees.

“You will have to pay $20 in addition to the monthly $143.”

“All right,” my wife said, “I’ll write a check for $163”.

“Wait, wait,” said the Principal, and rushed to her calculator. She punched a few buttons, and smiled at my wife. “You are right, it is $163 after all!”

Later that evening, I and my wife chatted about this incident. Back in India, it’s not that you are expected to do such basic arithmetic in your mind – it is assumed that mental arithmetic is the way to go.

*   *   *

Last weekend, we went to the Border’s bookstore to get some educational books for our daughter. Once again, we were surprised – she knew the stuff in books meant for kids 2 years older than her.

What’s with the education system in this country? I know – children are precious, they should be carefully nurtured and all that. But the first 5 years are when a child’s brain develops the most (and has the highest rate of learning too). So what’s the logic behind not harnessing all that intellectual power?

I couldn’t find an answer to this question. Neither do I intend to stay here to find it out.

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