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Restaurants that pay you to finish?

Part of my morning drill (after dunking a coffee and reviewing the tasks for the day) is to read business blogs. There are a few that I read every so often, but BNet is one place that I turn to almost every day. Today morning, I stumbled upon an interesting post on Farnoosh Torabi’s You’re so Money. Apparently, there are quite a few restaurants here in the US that will pay you (or reward you, to be correct) if you complete a gastronomical challenge.

What a neat marketing trick! Lure customers with “get money for eating” and present them with something that they just can’t finish… But the reason why this post caught my attention is entirely different.

Three years ago, I used to live in Aundh, in the outskirts of Pune. There was a small eating joint where me and my wife would go on occasion. This was no “Fine Dining” joint; it was rather a place that bachelors frequented more often. A place to get good food for a reasonable price. The kitchen was inside the building, and the tables were set outside in the open.

If you sat at a table to the right (under the Neem tree), you could see a notice posted on the wall – “this restaurant charges patrons that leave leftovers in the plate.” Below it, in a slightly smaller font was the explanation – “Please do not waste food. You and I can afford it, but our nation cannot“.

I hope more people consider this and make it a habit. As they say, it’s little drops of water that make the ocean, after all.

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