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What’s cooking?

I love to cook – it’s one of the ways I try to unleash my creativity on my family. Although there have been some mishaps and experiments along the way, there are a few items that I can cook well. No, I’m not bragging – I mean it. Pulav, Chhole, Rajma, Upama – and basic cakes too.

Last weekend I baked an egg-less rawa cake for our daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed it (praising it in her own sweet little way), and so did my wife. However, I was not as impressed myself – it didn’t turn out as soft and spongy as I had wanted it to. When I told this to my wife, she suggested that I bake a cake with eggs in it – something I am reluctant to do.

It’s not that I don’t like eggs; it’s more like a mental block. Somehow I always feel that I will mess up the whole thing if I add eggs to the mix. Well, my wife has convinced me to go for it anyways (and I know she spurs me on and motivates me in a way no one else can). So this weekend it’s cake time again.

But first things first – I need to go out and buy some eggs.

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