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Moriturus te saluto (well, almost)

I have been a photography buff for about 15 years now – but not the kind that collects cameras and lenses and struts around in full photography gear. For the most part, I think about photography.

Thinking about photography?

Yes, you got it right. What I like to do is to think about possible images that can be captured, no matter where I am. What would be the best composition? Whether to use a large aperture or small? What part of the scene to capture and highlight? And between these thoughts, when I happen to have a camera around me, I click the photo.

Right now I have a good Canon Point-and-Shoot camera, but I have also used SLRs (though not digital ones). The first SLR I used belongs to my father (who got it from his father). It is an Agfa camera with a fixed lens – no zoom at all. I ruined two films when we went to the “Char-dham Yatra” – both films were overexposed. However, the next time I used it (when studying engineering), I was careful and was able to shoot better pictures. They are still with me; my memories of one place which will always have a special place in my heart.

In 2005, I purchased an Olympus SLR (again, film – not digital). Me and my wife could enjoy it only for two years – it was stolen in late 2006. Then came a simple Kodak Easyshare (which broke down last year), and now the Canon.

But a Point-and-Shoot is not what I really want. While our Canon does take great pictures, it doesn’t offer the controls that I love to have in a camera. And most importantly (for me) – there’s no control over bokeh.

The summary – I need a new SLR. Though there are quite a few good options in the market, my budget forces me to look only at entry level Canons and Nikons. Both of these make excellent products, but on handling them in stores, I found that I like the Nikons more. So this week, I will place an order for a Nikon dSLR. I would love to (and want to) post my photos, but then that poses a serious problem – copyrights.

If my photographs are around on the net, I would want them to carry watermarks indicating my copyright information. But doing so would jeopardize this blog – by ridding it of the privacy. That’s something I am very afraid of doing – the reason I have been able to publish so many posts is the anonymity that High On Coffee offers. Putting my name here would be tantamount to signing a death warrant for myself.

In summary – I will have to start a new blog. One where I can post content with my name on it, without any fear whatsoever. What’ll be the name of that blog? My lips are sealed.

But keep looking for new photo blogs out in the blogosphere, will you?

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