The Sailor

At last, he was ready to inspect the sail. He had spent the last two days going over every part of the yacht, laboriously verifying that everything was as it needed to be. His body ached, but in his heart he was happy. The yacht – that one that he had built – was seaworthy after all.

As he sat down for dinner that night, his old friend approached him. “You created that yacht just yesterday, and tomorrow you are taking her to the sea? It’s a masterpiece, a brilliant creation. In the high sea, the waves will take their toll on the keel, and the salty air will cause the metal to rust. It won’t be beautiful anymore. And what will people say when they see that – they won’t believe that you have any skill at all.”

“My dear friend,” replied the shipwright, “I did not create this yacht so that people will know that I can do it. I created it so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

Saying this, he raised his glass in a toast, and drank to the success of his forthcoming voyages.

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