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Changing seasons

I turn off the alarm and walk sleepily towards the kitchen. As I charge the French press, I turn around to look outside. It’s past dawn, and an overcast sky blocks the view of the mountains. A light fog lingers in the air.

I strain the coffee, and walk out of the kitchen. At the patio, I realize that there’s no fog – it’s actually snowing! After a balmy weekend, snow is totally unexpected. But then this is Denver – if you don’t like the weather, all you have to do is wait for 5 minutes.

Outside the house, I put on my tuque – after almost three weeks. The snow blows into my eyes, and I have to keep looking down. It has been accumulating on the parked cars, but on the road, the snowflakes melt instantly. From my seat in the bus, I look at the traffic outside – the windows are covered with rivulets of water, and everything appears hazy.

At the Light Rail station, everyone is huddled under the shed,waiting for the train. Across the tracks, the interstate is wet but crowded as usual. When the train arrives, the people rush inside, relieved to be warm again. I am the last to step in, and stand next to the step well – this way I will catch wafts of chilly air at every station.

Somehow, once the winter is past, everyone longs for warm weather. For me, a change of weather is always welcome.

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