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Sign of the Times

When I was learning English, my grandfather would constantly remind me – read good books, learn your grammar well, read newspapers. “At least read The Times Of India regularly”, he would say.

Twenty years later, I see my daughter starting to learn English herself. While I won’t teach her in the same way as my Grandfather taught me, I will still encourage her to read good books (though there’s still a few more years for that stage).

But yes, one thing is certain – I will stress upon her a variant of my Grandfather’s advice – “Don’t read The Times Of India“, I will surely tell her.

Twenty years ago, The Times Of India was known as a “good” newspaper – delivering good content, and impeccable English. But today, it’s different.

No matter when I read it, no matter which city’s edition – grammatical and spelling mistakes abound. I have even caught spelling mistakes on front page headlines.

Where are the editors and copywriters of the past, who would ensure that only correct language would make it to the printing press? Retired, I suppose.

Or worse, indifferent.

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