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A bevy of thoughts

May 31, 2011 3 comments

When I was in college, I used to read a lot of non-fiction. Some of those books, more of the philosophical side, still have a special place in my heart. Gems like “The Prophet”, “The Prince” (this is not strictly philosophical though) fall into this category.

And then there were the “inspirational” goods…

“It is tough people that win the race”

“Believe in yourself; that’s the key”

“You can bend the world to your will; all you need to do is try”

What a boatload of crap.



May 28, 2011 6 comments

I have been reading Stephen King for many years now. I’ve not read all that he has written, but there are a few books which I read over and over again:

  • Different Seasons
  • The Running Man
  • Nightmares and Dreamscapes
  • Night Shift
  • The Green Mile
  • and many more

My wife tried to read them too, but didn’t like his writing somehow. But that’s OK; to each his own.

But why is it that I like Mr. King’s books so much? Is it the rich description of people’s emotions? The way he writes about the atmosphere? The small towns he conjures up? Or something altogether different?

I have tried to think a lot about it, and now I guess know what it is. It’s not any of the above, as you might have guessed.

I supposed I like his books because you can so easily immerse into them, and get lost in his world.

How many other authors have done that to you?


May 26, 2011 2 comments

If Stephen King can do it, why can’t I?

Because of a lot of reasons, I suppose…

Resurrection of an idea

May 25, 2011 2 comments

About five years ago, I had a different blog. It was titled “Good Reads”, and in it I would post links of interest – news, views, opinions, even entertaining stuff. Anything that you wouldn’t mind spending 15 minutes to read.

And then one day I stopped posting. I don’t remember the specifics, but as far as my memory serves me, it was not a conscious decision.

But now, I think I’ll start that practice again – hunting for good articles on the internet. And this time, instead of just posting them on a blog, I think I will simply email them to specific people.

Who knows, it just might help me keep in touch with my friends too?

Shopping List

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

We reached the US of A last November – it’s been more than 6 months now. Like most other short-term visitors, I have my shopping list too. Here it is :

Already purchased:

  1. mp3 player: I used to use my mobile phone for listening to songs, but then it doesn’t have the features of a full-fledged player.
  2. mobile handset: My current nokia has been showing its age – the body’s all dinged and dented, and the call volume has dropped drastically too

To purchase:

  1. Casio Pathfinder: My wife has tried to understand the need for this watch without success. But I’ll probably buy this before leaving for India
  2. SLR Camera: A couple of months ago, I was almost about to purchase this, but then I postponed that decision. As of now, I don’t think I’ll buy this
  3. Netbook: This is actually quite a high priority on my “want” list. But then I’ve decided that I will not think about it until I finish at least one book (either the longer one, or the series of short stories). Fingers crossed…
There’s somewhere between three and ten months to go; let’s see how many of these I take back with me.

A sensory experience

May 21, 2011 1 comment

Imagine… that you are in a dense forest, on a small trail. The heavy downpour of the past two hours has given way to just a small drizzle.

What do you feel?┬áLet’s try and look at this question a bit analytically.

We all have five senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. What do each of these sense?

Touch: the brittle layer of leaves beneath your feet has turned soft and mushy now. If you touch any tree or leaf, you can feel the slime. And the trickles of water running down your face.

Smell: the fresh smell of wet earth, mixed with the smell of stuff starting to rot.

Sight: Millions of shades of green everywhere, interspersed with shades of brown and earth.

Hearing: the drip-drip-drip of water trickling down to the forest floor, and the sounds of small waterfalls here and there. The chirping of birds and sounds of the small animals noticeably absent.

Taste: crystal clear water in case it runs down your face into your mouth.

It’s so easy to think about these, isn’t it? But it’s really tough to incorporate these in a story. That’s where I’m struggling now; that’s why I’m unable to make any progress in my writing.

But it’s all right, I’ll keep trying.

Experiments with Coffee

May 16, 2011 2 comments

For the past 2 months, I have been trying to reduce my caffeine intake. I have decided upon a two-pronged attack – drinking Chai when I feel like some caffeine, or decaf when I just want the taste of coffee.

Of course, there are folks who deride decaf for various reasons – if I would, it would probably be for the loss of flavor. But I guess now I’ve come to terms with the brand I use (Folgers). It’s good – nay, it’s great.

Anyways – yesterday I had coffee at 5PM – after a long time I had a second regular coffee in the day.

I enjoyed it, but the real fun started later in the night. I just couldn’t fall asleep. After about two hours, I finally dozed off.

I don’t remember the last time this happened to me. But in a way, it’s good – I think this shows that my caffeine reduction is working.

Next plan – start walking every morning. I’ve already bought myself a pair of good shoes; more updates later.