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A piece of heaven

Have you ever thought about what a perfect evening means to you?

Let me tell you about mine.

It begins right at dusk, when the birds come home to roost. Their incessant chirping is not a cacophony at all – it’s music to the ears. You step into the kitchen, and brew a double-shot of espresso. As you stretch it with hot water, the aroma fills the house. With the cup in one hand, you walk outside, into the living room. The French windows give you an excellent view of the garden outside.

The green lawn is bordered by small flowering shrubs, and there is a Lotus-pond in a corner. The dying sun peeks through the trees, and slowly, the night takes over. After finishing the coffee, you lie down on the grass, and start counting the stars. Of course, you can’t. But it brings sweet memories from childhood, when you did this with your siblings and cousins.

Then, you fall asleep. A few hours later, the chill in the air will wake you up, and you will go inside the house to be cozy again. The empty cup will be forgotten, and brought back inside tomorrow.

. . .

So… let me ask the first question again – what’s your perfect evening like?

Go on, start daydreaming.

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