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A sensory experience

Imagine… that you are in a dense forest, on a small trail. The heavy downpour of the past two hours has given way to just a small drizzle.

What do you feel? Let’s try and look at this question a bit analytically.

We all have five senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. What do each of these sense?

Touch: the brittle layer of leaves beneath your feet has turned soft and mushy now. If you touch any tree or leaf, you can feel the slime. And the trickles of water running down your face.

Smell: the fresh smell of wet earth, mixed with the smell of stuff starting to rot.

Sight: Millions of shades of green everywhere, interspersed with shades of brown and earth.

Hearing: the drip-drip-drip of water trickling down to the forest floor, and the sounds of small waterfalls here and there. The chirping of birds and sounds of the small animals noticeably absent.

Taste: crystal clear water in case it runs down your face into your mouth.

It’s so easy to think about these, isn’t it? But it’s really tough to incorporate these in a story. That’s where I’m struggling now; that’s why I’m unable to make any progress in my writing.

But it’s all right, I’ll keep trying.

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