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Rain, Rain (don’t) go away

Heavy rains and thunderstorms were predicted for yesterday evening; we were at the temple when the sun hid behind the clouds. The temple is at an elevation, and if you stand outside, you get a splendid view of the mountains and the countryside. As we stood in the parking lot, clouds continued to gather, and the gentle breeze slowly turned into a gale. In the distance, thunder streaked across the sky- a beautiful yet frightening sight. We got into the car, and not too soon, for the rain started almost immediately. In the evening, the sun peered out for a few minutes and treated us to a magnificent double rainbow. The downpour eased back to a drizzle, but was still on when we retired to bed.

In the morning, I took my cup of coffee into the patio. The earth was dry, but the clouds were still out there. I reminded myself to carry an umbrella to office, and went back inside to get ready.

As predicted, light rain started around afternoon, and it was still raining when it was time to go home. The highway was packed full of slow moving traffic, and the lights reflected on the wet tarmac – red on one side of the divider, yellow on the other. The usual highway commute of 15 minutes took twice as long, but we were four of us in the car and spent the time chatting and joking.

Back at home, my wife was in a good mood too – rains after a hot spell always cheer us up. She brewed her special black coffee, and we spent a great evening.

The past two days had “Mumbai monsoons” written all over them. Sadly, we are in Denver right now. Next year, though, we will enjoy the Indian monsoon first hand.

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