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A blessing in disguise

I love music. While I listen to classic rock and blues once in a while, my primary interest is in heavy metal. It’s not a liking that many people share, so most of my listening sessions in India would happen in my car. Back there, I have a Sony music system into which I can plug in a pen drive chock-full of heavy metal. My pen drive holds my entire collection, but I also have playlists for my most favorite songs.

But that was India.

Here in Denver, I bought a used car. It does have a CD player – even a CD changer, but it does not have a USB or even an AUX port to take a connection from my mp3 player. The CD changer does not support the mp3 format. I can’t even imagine trying to fit 6GB worth of songs into audio CDs.

I tried to have my morning commute in silence, but you can do it only for so long. Finally over the past few days, I have taken to channel surfing on the radio, trying to see if I run into a song I like. Usually this involves15-20 minutes of changing channels, between which I catch half a song or two.

Today morning, however, I managed to catch a hint of a riff when browsing frequencies. I jogged back again, and latched into a local band playing great metal. (Un) fortunately, there were 3 accidents on the interstate, and instead of the usual 15 mins drive, I had to drive for almost an hour. Over that hour, I listened to about 6 songs, only one of which was from a band I recognize (AC/DC). The rest were groups I had never even heard of before, but not even for a moment did I feel like changing the channel.

I don’t think I will be missing my metal collection in my car, at least while I am in Denver.

  1. July 29, 2011 at 8:00 AM

    I just stumbled on your blog…looks like you write to deal with corporate life too! Whenever I get in my car and forget that I haven’t charged my iPod I get soo upset. Too many commercials on the radio for me in the morning.

    Thanks for the read.

    • July 29, 2011 at 9:43 AM

      I agree about the commercials… That’s why I have a few stations that I surf through.

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