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Working away to glory


My daughter and wife are sleeping peacefully. Me – I’ve work to do, so I’ve pulled up a chair next to the window. The leaves are still on the trees, but the breeze, though chilly, doesn’t carry their scent around much. Yes sir, it’s time for Winter.

My headphones are plugged in, and my favorite playlist is on. Jim Morrison is singing “Riders on the storm”.

I have to work on a project plan, and have opened the SharePoint site to check it out. As I wait for it to load, I glance outside. The streetlights have painted everything Orange. The streets are quiet, the silence broken only when a car passes by.

The project plan has loaded, and I must work now. But Jim Morrison is gone, and Iron Maiden has taken his place:

Restless sleep, the mind in turmoil

One nightmare ends, another fertile.

I can’t help but stop working and listen. It’s just impossible to be productive when you have good music around.

Don’t you agree?

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