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If you had one room for your own – one empty room to begin with – how would you decorate it?

A sofa set or a lounger? An LCD TV or a Home Theater system? Or both? A gathering place for friends, or a place to seek solitude?

Let me tell you how I would do it.

The room will have a muted color on the walls. If you peek out of the French windows, a small path will lead your eyes through a lush green lawn to the wooden fence. At the end of the fence will be a pool full of white lotuses, with a small bridge going from one side to the other – just wide enough for the little animals to use.

Inside the room, the atmosphere would be more spartan. In one corner would be a shelf with a small selection of books. By its side, a laptop with my favorite music and movies. And oh yes, a pair of headphones too. In another corner would be a French Press, a jar of fine Arabica and a set of coffee cups.

Finally, a small portable lamp in case you want to read when it’s dark outside.

Books, music and coffee – if that won’t get you satisfaction, nothing else will.

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