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The IT Expert

This post is from one of my previous blogs (which I shut down about three years ago).

* * *

This incident happened when I had newly joined an organization. A Firefox fan, I naturally tried to download it; to my utter surprise, the download was blocked. I spoke about it to our in-house IT Support person, and he explained “due to security issues only Internet Explorer is allowed”.



I tried to reason with him – Firefox is more secure, his computer has it too – but all in vain. In desperation I downloaded IE7, just for the sake of tabbed browsing. Downloads from Microsoft are not restricted, so I was able to install it and commence browsing. After half a day, I realized that although I was able to browse the internet, none of the intranet sites would open. Once again, I called up the IT Support person. After tinkering around with my PC, he declared that the issue was due to the higher IE version, and asked me to uninstall it. After the uninstall completed, I tried to open the intranet portal – and it opened! Victorious, the IT Guy walked away. Alas, it was too late when I realized I shouldn’t have let him go. The moment I entered my login credentials, it was all back to square one – none of the intranet sites would open!

Once again, the “IT Expert” was called upon; once again he started tinkering with my PC. Frustrated, I went to the pantry to make myself a cup of coffee. By the time I was back, all the sites were working fine! The IT guy asked me to verify all the open windows, bookmarked them for me (he insisted) and then walked away.

However, the speed with which he resolved the issue (coupled with the first resolution he provided) got me full of curiosity – I intended to find out what he actually did. 15 minutes into my R&D, I finally caught his “resolution” – he had actually opened all those sites from the internet, not the intranet. And by bookmarking them he intended for me to never find out.

Totally outclassed, I gave him a bow from my cubicle, re-installed IE7, and continued with my browsing activities.

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