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How to buy a new cellphone – Step 1

Last Thursday, I was driving my daughter to school when the phone rang. We had had a winter storm the night before, and the roads were icy – so I simply told the person that I would call her back after some time. I dropped my daughter to school, drove back home safely, and put my hand in my pocket for the cellphone – but it wasn’t there.

I searched the car, hoping that it fell inside somewhere, but no luck. I must have dropped it somewhere in the snow. I did backtrack and search for it, but I think someone else must have found and kept it.

Or maybe it’s still lying in the snow. In that case, whenever the snow melts and the phone is visible, it is highly unlikely that it will be in a working condition again.

And that, dear reader, is the perfect first step for buying a new cellphone – lose your handset where it can’t be found, or in a place where it will be unusable if found.

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