A snowy day

I was in for a surprise when I got up today morning – light snow had been predicted for the morning, but the ground was actually covered with a fairly heavy blanket of white.

After dunking the usual cuppa, I got ready and stepped out for the bus to work. Apparently, the snow had taken everyone by surprise – the roads were not plowed, and I had to walk through about 2 inches of snow. As I waited for the bus, my right toe started hurting. Before I could think of anything, a friend who was driving by picked me up and I was warm again. By the time we reached the Light Rail Station, I realized what had happened – snow had leaked into my shoe.

This was my third pair of shoes in just over a year in Denver – the soles of the last two shoes had cracked within months of buying them. In hindsight, I think that was because I purchased cheapies here. Back in India, I have always paid a lot more for shoes, but then I know which are the better brands; which shoes will be a “value for money” purchase.

After reaching office, I took off my shoe and examined it – the sole had started to come apart near the toes. It was not a lost cause – a spot of glue would easily fix them. However, considering my past experience, I don’t think that this quick fix will last beyond a couple of months – I will have to buy new shoes anyways.

But then that’s all right. A couple of months from now, I will be back in India.

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