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1. A small cottage somewhere in the woods. A nice garden full of flowering plants, and a river nearby for when you feel like messing around with a boat. Of course, if you want to meet someone all you have to do is to plop into the boat and row until you reach the nearest village.

2. A house on the side of a hill, with a magnificent view from every window. A winding road climbing down the hill to take you to civilization.

3. A sailboat (at least 20 ft), with a cabin below and a spare engine just in case. You could sail wherever you wanted to, and even pick up passengers when you wanted company.

4. A small house with a small garden in some non-descript village along the Konkan coast. A sign outside that welcomes people driving by that are thirsty for a good cup of coffee.

Which one of these would you choose, dear Reader, to spend the rest of your life?

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