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All’s well that ends well – II

This is the second of a three-part series on our journey back to India.

All’s well that ends well – I

All’s well that ends well – III

We landed at Dubai, and realized that we had more than an hour to spare before the next flight. I started to chat with an airport attendant to while away the time.

“I’ve already put in my papers,” he said. “This is a good place, but I want to go back home. I’ll get a job at the New Delhi airport.” I nodded in agreement and told him that we were going back to India for good too; he smiled.

The flight from Dubai to Mumbai was on Jet Airways, on a narrow-body aircraft with a 3X3 seating configuration. We stowed our carry-on luggage away, and took our seats. The air hostesses and stewards were very friendly and one of them stayed back to chat with our daughter for a while. She then turned and spoke to my wife. “Madam, if you need anything just call for us, even if there’s turbulence in the air.”

A short while after take-off, we were served dinner. The fare was simple, but excellent. For a change, the napkin was cotton instead of paper, and the silverware was good quality steel. We all ate our fill and finished everything. To seal the verdict was a small cup of Amul’s Mishti Doi. Yes sir, if you wish to experience true hospitality, you should travel to India.

After the dishes were taken away, I fished out the earphones. Not in the mood for any movies, I turned to the music channel, and fired up Led Zeppelin’s Mothership. I closed my eyes, and settled down to rest for a while.

An hour later, we were at the outskirts of Mumbai. The night was pitch black so we couldn’t get a glimpse of the Arabian sea, but Mumbai’s night lights are hard to miss. The touchdown was smooth, and finally, we were in India.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the captain announced, “we have landed in Mumbai 15 min. ahead of schedule. We welcome our foreign guests and hope that they have a nice stay in our country. For all returning Indians – welcome back home.”

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