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North, East, West, South

June 21, 2012 1 comment

We were blessed with our second child last week – a baby boy. Mother and son are both doing fine.

(And that explains my near-absence from writing in the past few months).


Things to do before I die

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

(In order of decreasing probability/ possibility):

  1. One humongous ride on Kerrigan – through all the states in India
  2. Write a photography book about every item here that I undertake
  3. Brew French Press coffee at Lohagad & Bhimashankar
  4. Build up stamina to cycle all day for one week at a stretch
  5. Bicycle from home to Bhimashankar (during the monsoons, of course)
  6. Bicycle from home to Bhaja caves and then walk to Lohagad (monsoons again)
  7. Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  8. Sail along the Indian coast, from Gujarat to Lakshadweep to Kolkata to Andaman and back
  9. Spend one year in a remote area, photographing & writing
  10. Trek the entire Continental Divide trail