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How not to cook breakfast

July 7, 2012 Leave a comment

One of my favorite Maharashtrian snacks happens to be “Sabudana Khichadi“.

On Friday morning, I decided to cook this for breakfast – the recipe is deceptively simple. The Sago pearls were soaked and ready, so I started with the tempering. I added the Cumin seeds to the heated Ghee, and then the potatoes . While I waited for this to fry, I switched on the T.V. – only to find Rene Russo dancing with Pierce Brosnan.

Now, Sabudana Khichadi is not as simple as the recipes make it out to be – one miss, and instead of soft, spicy Sago pearls you end up with a congealed mess that’s tougher than leather.

I ran inside the kitchen again – the potatoes were almost done, and it was time to add the chillies. I quickly stirred them, and was back in the living room – the T.V.’s not completely visible from the kitchen.

Honestly speaking, I was in two minds – one part was asking me to go ahead and watch the movie – at the cost of the khichadi. And the other – the foodie – was saying (and rightly so) that movie reruns are a fact of life, but good khichadi is hard to come by.

As I struggled between the horns of the dilemma, HBO came to my rescue, and someone from Airtel started singing about how good they are.

Relieved, I went inside the kitchen again, and the rest of the movie was spent with a steaming plate of Sabudana Khichadi.