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Much Ado About Nothing

A month ago, 13 people interviewed me for a position. One of the questions that they asked was “why are you interested in this job?”

“Because it will be a career-changer for me,” I explained.

That’s right – a career changer. That’s the reason why I decided to renege on my earlier decision. That’s the reason why, 2 days ago, I entered a taxi cab alone while my family bid me adieu.

33 hours and over ten thousand miles later, I disembarked in Denver. My nose wasn’t bleeding due to the altitude – probably because I am no stranger to this city. A part of her always stays with me.

When I got off the shuttle, it was drizzling and the air was brimming with the scent of the fresh rain. But I was not as happy about it as I would normally be – I had left my heart behind in Mumbai.

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