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The sound of silence

We had planned to leave from office at 4:30, but then I had to get on a phone call and we were delayed by 30 min. On the way home, we slowed near a traffic light – and saw a Safeway across the street. A plan was formed in an instant, and we drove into the parking lot.

My friends picked up two bags of chicken, chips and a nice cheese dip. 20 minutes later, I put the tea-kettle on the stove, and my friends started with the marinade. The marinated chicken was relegated to the fridge, and we picked up our cups of tea.

2 hours later, the chicken was taken out of the fridge and put in the oven. I am vegetarian, so I picked up some pita chips myself. As I gorged on the chips, my friends picked up their drumsticks and started munching out loud.

Normally I would have joined them, but today I am in no mood to hear barbarians lick their chops.

So here I am, in the bedroom, with another cup of tea. The bedroom’s much colder than the rest of the house, but then it’s immaterial today – my Skullcandy earphones drown out all background noise. Nothing is more important.

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