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A case of the awesomes

December 20, 2013 3 comments

I walk across the courtyard, enter the Starbucks cafe, and stand in line. Most of the Baristas here know me by face, two of them even know my name. I usually order the same thing each time I’m here – Tall, extra-hot, 4-pump, stirred Chai. And here’s what invariably happens when it’s my turn to order.

Barista: “what can I get started for you today?”

Me: <<description of the chai>>

Barista: Awesome! Anything else for you today?

Me: No, thanks; that will be it

Barista: Awesome!

As my drink is announced, I walk up to the bar, and say “Thanks”.

Barista: Awesome!

* * *

At the grocery store, the cashier asks – will that be all?

Me: Yes please

Cashier: Awesome!

And so it goes on. At the restaurant, the gelato shop, the fast-food joint – you name it. Anywhere and everywhere I go, I am reassured that my choices are “Awesome”. In fact, if today I go to the pharmacy and ask “do you have anything for someone afflicted with the awesomes”, I’m sure what the girl will say.



Thinking out loud

December 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Why can’t I write? Why won’t I write? I don’t remember how many times I have given thought to this – indeed, so many times on this blog itself.

It’s not that I cannot – I definitely can. A few posts on this blog itself have surprised me. And in the past, I have submitted my work to other places – they were accepted and published as well.

So what is it that stops me?

Fear, I think.

Fear: that my writing will not turn out to be good.

Fear: that I will not be able to complete it – that I will leave it hanging.

Fear: that I am not good enough to achieve this.

Fear: that it will not be accepted/ appreciated by those from whom I need that the most.

That said – will I ever write what I wanted to? It’s a question that I have asked myself too many times. And each time, as today, the answer is the same: I am not quite sure.