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October 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Some thoughts that I picked up on the Internet a long time ago…

Pleasure is when you finish your day ride, and reach in one piece. You
are the smallest vehicle on the highway, and you survived.

Pleasure is when you take off your wristwatch, and see a band of
untanned skin.

Pleasure is when your motorcycle and you move as one single united form.
Whatever shape the road takes, whichever end of the compass it leads to.

Pleasure is when you use your hands, arms, thighs, knees and feet to

Pleasure is when you take off your riding jacket for a break and feel
the breeze dry your sweat.

Pleasure is when you sing to yourself on an empty road. You are the
world’s best rock star.

Pleasure is when your rear wheel slides and you bring it back, when the
front wheel lifts and you take your time bringing it back.

Pleasure is when you cut through air, at 50 kph or 100.

Pleasure is when you reach a place you never been before, and someone
you have never seen before asks you for a ride. And comes back grinning.

Pleasure is when you wave to village kids, and they wave back.

Pleasure is when you almost, almost fall. But don’t.

Pleasure is when you fight the wind, and win.

Pleasure is when you get up that narrow path for the view you never

Pleasure is when you view the world at an angle.

Pleasure is when you eat bugs at 90 kph.

Pleasure is when you look at a dust-streaked face in the mirror after a
500 km ride.

Pleasure is when your pillion moves with you.

Pleasure is when your throttle hand has calluses.

Pleasure is when you jump a speed breaker.

Pleasure is when you stop to help push a stranded car to the side of the

Pleasure is when you stop at the smallest of towns, and somebody asks
you technical specifications.

Pleasure is when your book of roadmaps gets dog-eared, rain-splashed,

Pleasure is when you give a stranger a lift.

Pleasure is when you have battle-scars.

Pleasure is when you can feel the cool morning and the hot afternoon,
the light rain and the damp fog.

Pleasure is when you leave four-wheeler traffic standing in a jam.

Pleasure is when you are free. Open. Independent. Liberated.

Pleasure is a Royal Enfield Bullet.


Watch List (for now)

October 16, 2014 Leave a comment
  • Gaddar
  • Pyaasa
  • Kala Patthar
  • Deewar

I know – they’ll be more than re-re-re-runs, but then again, they were amazing.

And it’s been a long time since I was transported back to a long time ago.

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The sound of silence

November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

We had planned to leave from office at 4:30, but then I had to get on a phone call and we were delayed by 30 min. On the way home, we slowed near a traffic light – and saw a Safeway across the street. A plan was formed in an instant, and we drove into the parking lot.

My friends picked up two bags of chicken, chips and a nice cheese dip. 20 minutes later, I put the tea-kettle on the stove, and my friends started with the marinade. The marinated chicken was relegated to the fridge, and we picked up our cups of tea.

2 hours later, the chicken was taken out of the fridge and put in the oven. I am vegetarian, so I picked up some pita chips myself. As I gorged on the chips, my friends picked up their drumsticks and started munching out loud.

Normally I would have joined them, but today I am in no mood to hear barbarians lick their chops.

So here I am, in the bedroom, with another cup of tea. The bedroom’s much colder than the rest of the house, but then it’s immaterial today – my Skullcandy earphones drown out all background noise. Nothing is more important.

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Un Momento

October 15, 2012 3 comments

I got down from the bus, crossed the street, and started to walk towards my apartment. I took the shortcut between the B and C buildings, but instead of going towards the water fountain, I kept going straight around the shade tree. As I turned left, a stray ray of sun hit my eye, and I turned to look.

The setting sun was peeking through the two buildings, and the leaves were shimmering with a brilliant shade of yellow. The grass around the tree was strewn with fallen leaves, and there were three ducks swimming in the water. In an instant, my mind was divided in two – one part of me wanted to run to the apartment, get the camera and shoot this magnificent spectacle. The other part said – will it still be this enchanting when you are back with the camera? Probably not. So it’s better if you just stand here for 10 mins and watch it until it lasts.

As I wrestled between these two thoughts, I finally found middle ground. No doubt, the moment would be lost by the time I came back with my camera. But at the same time, if I stayed there till dark then my memory would get distracted by the beauty of darkness too.

So I stood there for two minutes, took in the whole scene, and walked home with a memory of a beautiful fall sunset.

Watching a movie

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Just reached home after the racquetball game, and turned on the TV – Godzilla was stomping through New York.

And it set me thinking about other Hollywood action flicks that I’ve seen… If I distill them, this is what I think I’ll get:

“XYZ is attacking New York and therefore the whole world is in danger”

What a pile of egoistic crap!

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How not to cook breakfast

July 7, 2012 Leave a comment

One of my favorite Maharashtrian snacks happens to be “Sabudana Khichadi“.

On Friday morning, I decided to cook this for breakfast – the recipe is deceptively simple. The Sago pearls were soaked and ready, so I started with the tempering. I added the Cumin seeds to the heated Ghee, and then the potatoes . While I waited for this to fry, I switched on the T.V. – only to find Rene Russo dancing with Pierce Brosnan.

Now, Sabudana Khichadi is not as simple as the recipes make it out to be – one miss, and instead of soft, spicy Sago pearls you end up with a congealed mess that’s tougher than leather.

I ran inside the kitchen again – the potatoes were almost done, and it was time to add the chillies. I quickly stirred them, and was back in the living room – the T.V.’s not completely visible from the kitchen.

Honestly speaking, I was in two minds – one part was asking me to go ahead and watch the movie – at the cost of the khichadi. And the other – the foodie – was saying (and rightly so) that movie reruns are a fact of life, but good khichadi is hard to come by.

As I struggled between the horns of the dilemma, HBO came to my rescue, and someone from Airtel started singing about how good they are.

Relieved, I went inside the kitchen again, and the rest of the movie was spent with a steaming plate of Sabudana Khichadi.

North, East, West, South

June 21, 2012 1 comment

We were blessed with our second child last week – a baby boy. Mother and son are both doing fine.

(And that explains my near-absence from writing in the past few months).