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Thinking out loud

December 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Why can’t I write? Why won’t I write? I don’t remember how many times I have given thought to this – indeed, so many times on this blog itself.

It’s not that I cannot – I definitely can. A few posts on this blog itself have surprised me. And in the past, I have submitted my work to other places – they were accepted and published as well.

So what is it that stops me?

Fear, I think.

Fear: that my writing will not turn out to be good.

Fear: that I will not be able to complete it – that I will leave it hanging.

Fear: that I am not good enough to achieve this.

Fear: that it will not be accepted/ appreciated by those from whom I need that the most.

That said – will I ever write what I wanted to? It’s a question that I have asked myself too many times. And each time, as today, the answer is the same: I am not quite sure.



August 12, 2013 3 comments

When was the last time that I actually created something?

Honestly, I don’t remember – and this is not a good thing either.

Wake up, Neo.

Happy New Year!!

January 3, 2013 Leave a comment

The whole of December gone by, and no post from me. Can you imagine that? A month with no writing, no musing (on this site at least) and no ruminating out loud.

But then there’s always a reason for everything, isn’t there?

The month of December just whizzed past me – a whirlwind of sorts. I had some extra challenges at work, had to move into a new apartment, I went on a trip to India and moved houses there too – the works.

And oh, yes – I brought my family along with me as well.

In case you are wondering – yes, I am happy.

North, East, West, South

June 21, 2012 1 comment

We were blessed with our second child last week – a baby boy. Mother and son are both doing fine.

(And that explains my near-absence from writing in the past few months).

Please wait

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ll be back, I promise.

Just give me some time – that’s all I need (and something to help retain my sanity too)

The art of writing

January 27, 2012 4 comments

The past few months have been fairly demanding for me – so much in fact, that I am unable to post as often as I used to, as often as I would love to.

But then I have managed to churn out a few posts in the last couple of months, haven’t I? However, while thinking about them has been a satisfying exercise (as always), somehow the writing part was not that good.

Usually, I spend at least a few hours, if not more, when writing a post. My first draft gets revised into a second, a third – on an average there are at least 10 edits to each post.

And yet, in these past two months, I have hardly written anything that required more than three edits. This does not mean that the quality of my writing has improved drastically, as if by magic. Instead, what I think is happening is that my writing does not turn out to be as beautiful to me as I would like it to be.

But then this will not be forever – there will come a time when I will have some time on my hand at least to write proper posts. And until that time comes, I will wait.

Eight months is not a long time.

Sitting here, just wasting time

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m sitting in the bedroom, connected to the internet. The laptop is on, but I don’t feel like browsing any site. Random thoughts are flowing through my head – and whenever I think of writing about any one of them, poof – that thread switches off.

Over the past few days though, one thought has regularly crossed my mind – why do I hate emotions so much? Be it stories, poems, songs or even movies – if it has even a slight touch of emotions, I simply cannot tolerate it.

Give me introspection, brooding moods and dark thoughts – and all my senses are alive.

But love? No sir, not me. Mr. Cupid, sir – please visit the next person.

I think in my world, love is best expressed by care, not affection.