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The ultimate cure

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Black Sabbath.


Working away to glory

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment


My daughter and wife are sleeping peacefully. Me – I’ve work to do, so I’ve pulled up a chair next to the window. The leaves are still on the trees, but the breeze, though chilly, doesn’t carry their scent around much. Yes sir, it’s time for Winter.

My headphones are plugged in, and my favorite playlist is on. Jim Morrison is singing “Riders on the storm”.

I have to work on a project plan, and have opened the SharePoint site to check it out. As I wait for it to load, I glance outside. The streetlights have painted everything Orange. The streets are quiet, the silence broken only when a car passes by.

The project plan has loaded, and I must work now. But Jim Morrison is gone, and Iron Maiden has taken his place:

Restless sleep, the mind in turmoil

One nightmare ends, another fertile.

I can’t help but stop working and listen. It’s just impossible to be productive when you have good music around.

Don’t you agree?

A blessing in disguise

July 21, 2011 2 comments

I love music. While I listen to classic rock and blues once in a while, my primary interest is in heavy metal. It’s not a liking that many people share, so most of my listening sessions in India would happen in my car. Back there, I have a Sony music system into which I can plug in a pen drive chock-full of heavy metal. My pen drive holds my entire collection, but I also have playlists for my most favorite songs.

But that was India.

Here in Denver, I bought a used car. It does have a CD player – even a CD changer, but it does not have a USB or even an AUX port to take a connection from my mp3 player. The CD changer does not support the mp3 format. I can’t even imagine trying to fit 6GB worth of songs into audio CDs.

I tried to have my morning commute in silence, but you can do it only for so long. Finally over the past few days, I have taken to channel surfing on the radio, trying to see if I run into a song I like. Usually this involves15-20 minutes of changing channels, between which I catch half a song or two.

Today morning, however, I managed to catch a hint of a riff when browsing frequencies. I jogged back again, and latched into a local band playing great metal. (Un) fortunately, there were 3 accidents on the interstate, and instead of the usual 15 mins drive, I had to drive for almost an hour. Over that hour, I listened to about 6 songs, only one of which was from a band I recognize (AC/DC). The rest were groups I had never even heard of before, but not even for a moment did I feel like changing the channel.

I don’t think I will be missing my metal collection in my car, at least while I am in Denver.

Thought for the day

August 28, 2010 2 comments

Don’t need no sweet leaf,

No booze for me either

My Gods of Metal

Keep me high enough

A Question of Value – yet again

August 10, 2010 1 comment

The last few weeks have seen me very frustrated, to the point of irritation. Usually I have a series of bad days every month or two, when I realize that I am right in the middle of a mid-career crisis situation. Usually I get over it in a day or two, the hangover lasts another couple of days.

Not so this time. I have been in low spirits for over a week now. At work, I am working just for the sake of it, not enjoying it as I used to until last month. Back at home, my wife is thankfully very understanding, and does her best to cheer me up.

Last weekend we went for a picnic, and the drive & the getaway in general helped clear some cobwebs in my brain. On the way back, I finally managed to do some clear-headed thinking on what’s happening to me.

Distilled summary: I don’t see any kind of value in the work that I do here. The only iota of satisfaction is when I solve people’s problems and when they thank me from the heart. But that’s just once in a while. The rest of the time, I do the menial labor that my bosses don’t like to do themselves. But yes, the day I agreed to do it, I knew why did so. And at least that reason still applies today.


1. Try and keep searching for value (whether tangible or otherwise) in whatever I do

2. Maintain sanity at all costs

The former… It’s tricky, but I’ll do it.

The latter part is easy. Today I thanked God for Iron Maiden. Did you?


June 3, 2010 1 comment

When sadness fills my days,

It’s time to turn away

And then tomorrow’s dream

Becomes reality to me…

– Black Sabbath, “Tomorrow’s dream”

We will meet again, my good friend. Until then, may you find all that you wish for, and then some more.

The Gods of Metal

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

When you’re talking to yourself,

And nobody’s home

You can fool yourself

You came in this world alone

You don’t talk so loud,

You don’t walk so proud, anymore…