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What’s in your bucket?

December 27, 2011 4 comments

It’s that time of the year again – when every conversation that you care to eavesdrop upon revolves around resolutions. And then there are folks who prepare “bucket lists” – I think it’s a catch-all kind of term to include everything. Or more probably, something to give you a comfort factor when you know that your resolutions aren’t meant to be.

So what’s in my bucket? Just hot water – all it needs now is a load of salt so that I can soak my tired feet in it.

And that’s my resolution for the next year – to give myself breaks and take rest whenever I can.

What’s in your bucket??


Sitting here, just wasting time

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m sitting in the bedroom, connected to the internet. The laptop is on, but I don’t feel like browsing any site. Random thoughts are flowing through my head – and whenever I think of writing about any one of them, poof – that thread switches off.

Over the past few days though, one thought has regularly crossed my mind – why do I hate emotions so much? Be it stories, poems, songs or even movies – if it has even a slight touch of emotions, I simply cannot tolerate it.

Give me introspection, brooding moods and dark thoughts – and all my senses are alive.

But love? No sir, not me. Mr. Cupid, sir – please visit the next person.

I think in my world, love is best expressed by care, not affection.

Saving Connor

December 11, 2011 2 comments

Last week I finally finished reading Limyaael’s “Sacrifices Arc” – her adaption of the Harry Potter stories. I must say, I am overwhelmed – I actually can’t think of words to describe it.

Canon Harry Potter is for kids: I would summarize it as Witches… Wizards… Magic!!! That’s wonderful!! And let’s kill Lord Voldemort too!

But the Sacrifices Arc is not a children’s book by any standard. It’s a brilliant study of character conflict with literally dozens of characters interacting with each other and changing over almost 8 million hundred thousand words. And it’s a Bildungsroman too – not just for the protagonist (Harry), but also for several other characters.

Like I said – I simply can’t think of words to write about it. Read the books for yourself, and you will get sucked into the wonderland that Limyaael created for her own amusement.

I did, and now I don’t think I’ll ever read canon Harry Potter again.

How to buy a new cellphone – Step 1

December 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Last Thursday, I was driving my daughter to school when the phone rang. We had had a winter storm the night before, and the roads were icy – so I simply told the person that I would call her back after some time. I dropped my daughter to school, drove back home safely, and put my hand in my pocket for the cellphone – but it wasn’t there.

I searched the car, hoping that it fell inside somewhere, but no luck. I must have dropped it somewhere in the snow. I did backtrack and search for it, but I think someone else must have found and kept it.

Or maybe it’s still lying in the snow. In that case, whenever the snow melts and the phone is visible, it is highly unlikely that it will be in a working condition again.

And that, dear reader, is the perfect first step for buying a new cellphone – lose your handset where it can’t be found, or in a place where it will be unusable if found.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

November 28, 2011 4 comments

Well, almost.

For reasons that I prefer not to disclose, for the next few months I won’t be able to post as often as I used to.


November 8, 2011 Leave a comment


plural -ties

“the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.;precedence”

Example: “my family is my highest priority”

Ode to coffee

November 3, 2011 2 comments

में और मेरी कॉफी अक्सर बातें किया करते हैं

तुम ना होती तो ऐसा होता, तुम ना होती तो वैसा होता
तुम कभी कॅपुचीनो ना होती, तुम कभी मोकाचिनो भी ना होती
तुम ना होती तो ऐसा होता, तुम ना होती तो वैसा होता
में और मेरी कॉफी अक्सर बातें किया करते हैं

यह रात है, या एस्प्रेस्सो का उभरा हुआ रंग
यह चांदनी है, या तुम्हारी आरजू में नींदें उडी है
यह चाँद है, या तुम्हारे कप की नाजुक चमक
ये सितारे है या तुमपर बिछी हुई रौशनी की झिलमिलाहट
ये हवा का झोंका है, या तुम्हारी उड़ती हुई खुशबू
ये पत्तियों की है सरसराहट, या तुमने चुपके से मुझे पुकारा
ये सोचता हूँ मैं कबसे गुमसुम
की जब मुझको भी है ख़बर की तुम नही हो
दिल कहता है की तुम यही हो, यही कही हो

में और मेरी कॉफी अक्सर बातें किया करते हैं

I could have written much more, but the original verse is too beautiful to attempt such a thing.