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April 17, 2013 Leave a comment

This last weekend was fairly hectic for us. We went out shopping, had a leisurely lunch, drank good coffee, baked a cake.. the works.

We also attended a birthday party.

It was in a bowling alley, and the host had reserved three lanes. The kids were all happy, and I don’t think anyone bothered whose name showed up on the screen above – they just grabbed balls and threw them as and when and where they could.

Above the lanes, speakers adorned the rafters. Spread out everywhere, they were belting songs from the 80s. Some of the ones I remember:

  • Eye of the tiger
  • Dancing Queen
  • Brother Louie
  • etc.

All wonderful songs, and they brought back memories of my childhood, when I would swap audio cassette tapes with my friend DSP (and occasionally Jayvijay).

Back home, late in the evening, I turned on Pandora. My default radio station there is “R. D. Burman”, and I was treated to songs from

  • Sagar
  • Hare Krishna Hare Rama
  • Ijaazat
  • Aandhi

What can I say? The 70s/80s aren’t revered for a trivial reason.


Nice and clean

April 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Kenosha pass, fall of 2011. The bright red & yellow leaves all around us, and the white aspens providing a splendid contrast. I took out my camera & tripod, and started shooting away to glory.

Sqauw Pass Road, fall of 2011. Once again, we hiked into the forest, and I started clicking away.

And many other, similar, incidents.

When I look back at these pictures, here’s what I see:

  1. Experiments with shutter speed
  2. Experiments with depth of field
  3. Lots of background clutter where I try for a shallow depth of field

Sure, there are a few snaps that are good – but there’s a feeling that I am missing something. I think it’s time to start experimenting with bright colors and clean, sharp lines. Time to experiment with images that bleed outside the boundary.

And I believe that my pictures are ready for some negative space.

Bad Parenting

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Yesterday my infant son met his first American doctor – so far he has only had appointments with pediatricians in India. The doctor went over his records, vaccination schedule and advised the nurse about the shots to be administered. Then, it was time for some Q&A.

After speaking to the doctor for about 15 min, realization hit my wife – we are bad parents! At least, that’s what the doctor thinks:

  1. We feed the baby whenever he’s hungry, not at predetermined intervals that are convenient to us
  2. Not only do we sleep in the same bedroom as him, but when he cries in the night, we console him and put him to bed again – instead of let him cry himself to sleep
  3. And worst of all – we spend too much time with him, instead of having him spend time in a day-care center

It looks like the doctor doesn’t agree with what we consider to be “Good Parenting”. After deliberating about this, my wife and I have finally reached the inevitable conclusion – we need to change doctors.

Bad Throat

March 10, 2013 Leave a comment

A few weeks ago, my throat rebelled against me. In the beginning I thought that it was an infection, and fought back with syrups, gargles and the like. But two weeks later, I finally gave up and paid a visit to the doctor.

He looked into my throat and nose and declared that it was not an infection after all – just a very dry throat. A lot of hydration, regular flushing of my nose & continued gargles should be enough.

“Colorado does that to you,” he said. And to confirm his hypothesis, asked whether I had trouble swallowing.

I replied in the affirmative – for even the smallest thing caused me a lot of trouble. Banana slices, cream cheese, even sips of water would result in excruciating pain for an instant.

But then if you are used to swallowing your pride, there’s nothing else that you cannot.

Expense Summary

November 28, 2012 3 comments

How would you like to own a house by the beach? An acre or two of coconut and supari trees with a few Mango & Kokum trees thrown in too? You would like it, won’t you?

And what’s your preference – a sandy beach, or rocks on which waves can crash and foam? Or a mix of both, perhaps?

In any case, for the moment let’s leave such desires aside and try to think rationally – can you actually afford it? How much will such a real estate cost?

Here’s what I think:

  • A few stomach ulcers
  • Loss of patience and an increased bad temper
  • Loss of idyllic evenings spent with family
  • Perpetual stress about the bank account
  • etc.

Not worth it.

Thought for the day

November 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Wise people learn from experience.

Wiser people learn from other people’s experiences.

The sound of silence

November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

We had planned to leave from office at 4:30, but then I had to get on a phone call and we were delayed by 30 min. On the way home, we slowed near a traffic light – and saw a Safeway across the street. A plan was formed in an instant, and we drove into the parking lot.

My friends picked up two bags of chicken, chips and a nice cheese dip. 20 minutes later, I put the tea-kettle on the stove, and my friends started with the marinade. The marinated chicken was relegated to the fridge, and we picked up our cups of tea.

2 hours later, the chicken was taken out of the fridge and put in the oven. I am vegetarian, so I picked up some pita chips myself. As I gorged on the chips, my friends picked up their drumsticks and started munching out loud.

Normally I would have joined them, but today I am in no mood to hear barbarians lick their chops.

So here I am, in the bedroom, with another cup of tea. The bedroom’s much colder than the rest of the house, but then it’s immaterial today – my Skullcandy earphones drown out all background noise. Nothing is more important.

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