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Working away to glory

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment


My daughter and wife are sleeping peacefully. Me – I’ve work to do, so I’ve pulled up a chair next to the window. The leaves are still on the trees, but the breeze, though chilly, doesn’t carry their scent around much. Yes sir, it’s time for Winter.

My headphones are plugged in, and my favorite playlist is on. Jim Morrison is singing “Riders on the storm”.

I have to work on a project plan, and have opened the SharePoint site to check it out. As I wait for it to load, I glance outside. The streetlights have painted everything Orange. The streets are quiet, the silence broken only when a car passes by.

The project plan has loaded, and I must work now. But Jim Morrison is gone, and Iron Maiden has taken his place:

Restless sleep, the mind in turmoil

One nightmare ends, another fertile.

I can’t help but stop working and listen. It’s just impossible to be productive when you have good music around.

Don’t you agree?


I hear footsteps…

September 6, 2011 1 comment

This summer has been fairly good to us – we were able to go out for picnics and hikes almost every weekend. And Denver being, well, Denver, we have been surrounded with greenery for the past few months. Of course, it’s monotonous greenery – not like the Sahyadris where you can feast your eyes upon millions of shades of green. But that’s another post.

Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed changes – subtle at first, but more pronounced as the days passed by. The days have become cooler, and the nights are chilly too. The weather forecast has started to show “Showers” in addition to “Thunderstorms”.

And yesterday, I saw the first hint of yellow in the trees around our apartment.

Make no mistake – old man winter is just around the corner. I can hear him coming – can you?

Finding Middle Ground

June 15, 2011 1 comment
  • Last week, I was told (by the client) that they want me here for as long as possible – at the very least a year more
  • An hour ago, I was told (by my company’s Service Delivery Manager) that our management wants me to replace him next year – to stay in Denver for as long as my visa permits
  • Me and my wife want to go back to India as soon as possible

Between these, how (and where) do I strike a balance? Each of these scenarios has pros and cons. Evaluating them is the problem – for that’s when practicality fights emotions; that’s when career duels with family.

I have a few months to announce my thoughts on this; I think me and my wife are going to have many a discussion before old man winter returns.

Weekend Getaway

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

My in-laws are here with us – they wanted to spend time with their daughter & grand-daughter, and we wanted to spend time with them. Well – they are here and we have been having a rocking time!

Last weekend was the first time in many months when we went out for a real picnic. On Saturday we visited Fraser (Winter Park), and on Sunday we went to Colorado Springs – to see the Garden of the Gods and the Cave of the Winds. My father-in-law is a Geologist, and he enjoyed every moment.

While we did have a lot of fun in all the places, we enjoyed the journey too. The road to Fraser wound through snow-capped mountains, and the road to Colorado Springs showed us spectacular vistas of open plains with the Rockies in the background. On the way to the Cave of the winds, the road cut right through the mountains, exposing the red rocks inside.  Looking out of the car’s window, my wife said, “The US is beautiful after all.”

As far as I’m concerned – it’s nature that’s beautiful. And all countries that maintain their natural heritage will continue to stay beautiful.

Changing seasons

March 29, 2011 2 comments

I turn off the alarm and walk sleepily towards the kitchen. As I charge the French press, I turn around to look outside. It’s past dawn, and an overcast sky blocks the view of the mountains. A light fog lingers in the air.

I strain the coffee, and walk out of the kitchen. At the patio, I realize that there’s no fog – it’s actually snowing! After a balmy weekend, snow is totally unexpected. But then this is Denver – if you don’t like the weather, all you have to do is wait for 5 minutes.

Outside the house, I put on my tuque – after almost three weeks. The snow blows into my eyes, and I have to keep looking down. It has been accumulating on the parked cars, but on the road, the snowflakes melt instantly. From my seat in the bus, I look at the traffic outside – the windows are covered with rivulets of water, and everything appears hazy.

At the Light Rail station, everyone is huddled under the shed,waiting for the train. Across the tracks, the interstate is wet but crowded as usual. When the train arrives, the people rush inside, relieved to be warm again. I am the last to step in, and stand next to the step well – this way I will catch wafts of chilly air at every station.

Somehow, once the winter is past, everyone longs for warm weather. For me, a change of weather is always welcome.